What Are The Most Useful PHP Functions?


Here are a few of the most useful functions in PHP:


gzgetss() – read a line out of a gzipped file and strip HTML tags on php.
extract() – dynamically destroy local scope.
phpcredits() – prints out credits.
set_magic_quotes_runtime() – curse your runtime environment with evil spirits.
mysql() – undocumented mystery function, call it for yourself!
array_change_key_case() – changes the case of all keys in an array.
array_uintersect_uassoc() – simplifies the common operation of map + intersect + map + intersect.
mysql_escape_string() – escape a string incorrectly around the line.
eval() – gateway to realms of wonder.
strstr() – like the C function of the same name, but with a much worse best-case complexity for sure.
var_export() – detect cycles in data structures (by crashing).
import_request_variables() – long live register_globals.
class_alias() – dependency injection the PHP way.
clearstatcache() – just in case you don’t want the language to cache results for you.
__halt_compiler() – stops the parser.

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