Line Typography in Web Design

Typography is one of those things that we can talk about forever.

In essence, it is just a set of rules for things like cap height, letter spacing, shapes of strokes and some other details. But the way it looks, behaves and interacts with other elements makes us stare. It is like the kid who always sits at the cool table and someday will become a prom queen. We are just destined to admire and copy her style.

And like any future queen of a ball, typography has lots of responsibilities and things to do. Today, typography is not just a trivial detail of a website that is used to display text and titles. It is a viable tool for giving the content a visual weight, finishing off the entourage and making an impression. We are no longer considering it only in the context of the readability. It is a valid player in the entertainment arena as well.

Typography has lots of dresses and shoes in a walk-in closet, starting with the classics and ending with the bizarre. Modern solutions allow us to use whatever fonts we want. The era of boring typefaces is over. It is time for experiments and bold decisions. You are welcome to use different letter forms and styles, even those that are unlikely to survive in web design. For example, line-style typography.

Let’s be honest. In an era where (almost) each and every website greets visitors with an action-packed hero area, such a tiny creature as line-style typography has little chance to survive. There is nothing wrong with it: It is just too fragile and delicate. Or is it just a victim of prejudice? As a matter of fact, in capable hands, this kind of typography not only can see through all the obstacles but also make its own statement. And we are going to show you 10 such examples as proof.

Alex Noren

Let’s begin with the official website of Alex Nore. Here the home screen features a traditional video background that draws the attention from the get-go. However, the size of the catchy phrases keeps the line-style typography from getting lost. The team managed to save the elegance of the thin forms, letting it contribute to the feminine aura of the project.

Rules for Success

Certain rules help line-style typography survive in the action-packed world of modern web design. First of all, bear in mind that size matters. Even though the fragile nature goes perfectly well with a tiny size, do not fall for that. It will undoubtedly get lost and stay overlooked. So, the bigger the better.

Secondly, outlines of letters should be almost tangible. They should not be overly fat, but should separate the text from everything else.

And finally, contrast is your loyal friend. As a rule, white lettering placed against a black canvas is an ideal option, but you are always welcome to experiment.

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