Google Webmaster Tools – Index, Crawl Guide

We’ve updated this guide to include new ways to set up your website with Webmaster Tools, the new data included in Webmaster Tools about your website, important data you might have forgotten about, and how to continually monitor for any issues that might affect your search engine rankings.

How Set Up Your Website with Webmaster Tools ?

If you haven’t already, the first thing you will need to do is set up your website with G Tools.

To do this, visit the Google Webmaster Tools website. Go now sign in with your Google Account. More preferably the one you are already using for Google Analytics.

Click the red Add Property button to begin.

Webmaster Tools

Next, you will have to verify this site as yours.

To do so, select the Use your Google Analytics account option.

Webmaster Tools

Once your site is verified, you will want to submit a sitemap if you have one available.

This is a simple XML file that will tell G Tools what pages you have on your website.

You’ll find the option to add a sitemap under the “Crawl” tab of your toolbar.

If you have one already, you can usually find it by typing in to see it in your browser.

Once you have activated the plugin, look under your Settings in the WordPress dashboard and click on XML-Sitemap.

The plugin should have already generated your sitemap, so there’s nothing else you have to do.

You’ll find your URL at the very top of the page:

Webmaster Tools

Copy the link address and head back over to your G Tools page

Then paste the portion of the URL after the of your website into the box to submit your sitemap to G Tools.

You’ll now be able to refresh the page and see the sitemap you’ve submitted.

It may take a few days for Webmaster Tools to start pulling information about your website if you are setting up your website on G Tools for the first time.

Be sure to wait a bit, then continue on to see what you can learn from Webmaster Tools.

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