Google Webmaster Tools – Index, Crawl Guide

We’ve updated this guide to include new ways to set up your website with Webmaster Tools, the new data included in Webmaster Tools about your website, important data you might…

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What You Should Know Before you go for a Offshore engineering teams

“Everything now, everything fast” is the way of a startup. It’s a race against competitors, what’s still interesting and getting users to care. Offshore engineering teams has become a popular…

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What Are The Most Useful PHP Functions?

Here are a few of the most useful functions in PHP: gzgetss() – read a line out of a gzipped file and strip HTML tags on php.extract() – dynamically destroy local scope.phpcredits() –…

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Web Content

Tips for Writing influential Web Content

Your web visitors are hunting for information or products. They make quick decisions without thinking. So how can you influece web visitors to take action if they don’t read your…

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Unforseen Image Analysis With Google Cloud Vision And Python

Quite recently, I’ve built a web app to manage user’s personal expenses. Its main features are to scan shopping receipts and extract data for further processing. Google Vision API turned…

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